Thursday, January 24, 2013

On My Mind

Oh how I have not kept up with this. I really didn't understand before how I'd see some of my fave bloggers go off on hiatus or come back a week later and apologize to readers on staying out for so long.... Now I understand.

There's a couple of things I want to post. One is a thing I'm thinking of doing weekly to inspire me and get me looking again into news and historical people/literature/etc. I'm going to do a "Quote This" section. I think it can encompass enough things so I have some liberty with it and yet encourage me to go and look for new ideas or philosophies. Maybe even quote some loved ones.

I love the link up ideas bloggers have. Its really one of the reasons I wanted to to do posts. I wanted to be able to go around and do fun linkups I've seen around. It again makes me do something lol So I will be doing a Facts of Life linkup with I Wore Yoga Pants To Work. I think she uploaded this Monday... so by tomorrow that'll mean I'm a full four days behind... So sad.

I also wanted to do a quick talk on Darumas. I didn't learn what they were until a year ago when one friend gave me one and now I've decided that maybe it will be a fun little way to stay on course for my things. Later on that.

Hope you guys are having a serene Thursday and getting ready for FRIDAY! Tomorrow... so much still to do for me today. I have to go to work and then I'll have to come home and workout at like 9pm. Pooey. But  next week I start Bootcamp Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning so I'll be obligated to get up ad workout instead of waiting until I get out of work.

Well I thought this was going to be short but I guess I type pretty fast.



  1. lovely <3

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