Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tights, Leggings, And Such Day #3

NIC Ghost
(in fishnet tights)

We call the randomly weird things that happen at our night shifts in the office the
acts of the NIC ghost. 
So, I thought it would be fun-- with such vintage inspired office attire--
to play around with the camera and present my fishnet-tights challenge day
as the NIC ghost might look like. What fun!
I just hope I don't actually run into him/her.

Yey for Friday and a pretty easy (I hope) tights day challenge! ^_^

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Wednesdays


Day 2 Challenge
Sale Alert!
So just a simple sweater + leggings combo
Sneaky peek at the striped shirt lol

Nasty Gal is having an "EPIC SALE" . If you don't know about it I suggest you check it out. Maybe I'll finally buy something from them and stop drooling...
Anyway, another sale is occurring at JCP in stores.
Having no work today I randomly strolled over and found

OMG! $3!!! *dies* 
So I did get to bring a few basic beauties home, but
unfortunately not many things were my size... or fit well...
Go check out your JCP!! You might find something very good
for an unbelievable price!

Also, I guess I have to go to the thrift store to find a new basic black purse.
No better place to find these without a huge ticket price. 
And if you find the right thrift store some are new with tag!

Isn't this yellow buggy awesome? It had racing stripes too!
How cute!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tights, Leggings, And Such

Wear leggings/tights/and such for a week.

Plus a wonderful light shot of the scarf.
I think I like asymmetrical photos...


Monday, January 28, 2013

Late Sketch #2

Oh man. Late with posting this sketch even though I did it right when I saw Run to the Wild post it up on her blog. Now I really need to make this link up work!
Wish me luck!


Second prompt. Put Pencil down on paper. Close your eyes, let pencil roam. 15 seconds later open eyes. Make something out of your scribbles. Awesomeness. lol

I love these ^_^
I need to find more of this type of link-ups out there!
Monday is coming to a close meaning I just finished working out, I get to work out again tomorrow at bootcamps first day! Let's see how this goes.
Happy Almost Tuesday!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Facts of Z

Facts of Z

Music fiend: Love music. Wish I played instruments. It seems too daunting to learn now but in lieu of my "Do it" resolution I'll at least hop on youtube and go along with tutorials/ instrumentals of songs while stealing equipment from the manchild.
Also, you will find almost any and every type of music on my phone. I understand there are people who say they listen to anything and then come up with many exceptions, but I'm serious. 
Exhibit A-Z:
  • Andrea Bocelli, Bartolli, Hayley Westenra
  • Bon Jovi, Eagles, ACDC
  • Dragonforce, Senses Fail, Within Temptations
  • First Aid Kit, Fleetwood Mac, Florence & the Machine
  • Linkin Park, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin
  • Richie Valen, Chuck Berry, B.B. King
  • Rodney & Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert (Btw I'll marry her. Sorry Blake)
  • Yiruma, Escala, Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Zaho, Nyusha, Couer de Pirate
Obviously I've gone on too long and there's way more... see, music fiend.

I'm a NERD. This one needs an outline for all the different associations I have with this word and myself. (Who outlines this stuff? Geeze Z!)
1        2                                  3                                                 4                                               5                                            6 
I. Gamer
A. Love games. Favorites are console and phone.
1. RPGs are my top plays- could keep me going for a few hours.
2. I'm still in love with God of War.
B. Ever since the manchild bought an Xbox with me last year I've learned the addictive ways of
achievments.... I will get them... no matter how many times I have to try or how much I have to
cry for help! lol
C. Challenge me on Free Flow or Diamond Blast. I dare you ^_^
II. Book Worm 
A. Thrillers/Criminal
1. Alex Cross, Anne Rule, Stephen King
2. If you have any of these books, note, I accept donations =)
B. Favorites usually are historical or classics with a tendency toward gothic novels.
1. Wuthering Heights- my copy is almost broken and its cover is indistinguishable!
2. Anna Karenina- you don't know how excited I am about the movie. Still need to see it...
3. Frankenstein- So deep. Such horror from misfortune and misunderstanding.
4. Child Thief by Brom- Amazing dark retelling of the Peter Pan story! Love children's
dark tales.
5. Currently reading Earth's Children series by Jean M Auel. It's so good! On the second
book. Again donations?
C. I'll read anything. For knowledge or pleasure. Though knowledge is pleasure! Right? Ahhh the
cheese... Yet to read:
1. The Autobiography of Malcolm X 2. Emma
3. The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Henry Ketcham 4. Re-read P&P
5. Next Earth Series book

Via, 2 Via

III. Media
A. Anime. Love it. It'll be wonderful forever. So are cartoons. You can't make me grow up. Period.
B. Photography/Writing
1. I follow way too many blogs. Still let me know whats' good!
2. I love photos! Taking them. Imagining them. Seeing them. Having prints. Decidedly I'll
never be a photographer in any sense but who cares I'm taking photos.

I wanna be:

An athlete. I used to run for XC and track. Loved it. Best years ever. Then I got injured (achilles), declined in progress and had to stop. I've been trying to work myself up again . Thus the wanna be aspect of my athleticsm. Also, love sports or any outdoor activity. Doesn't mean I'm good at any, but again, who cares I'm doing it if I can.

Fashionista. Don't exactly like some connotations of this word but I love style, fashion, clothes, shoes, accesories, dressing up (or down)! I'd love to takes pictures to store and share (selfies or not) but I have no lovely reassuring photographer and I'm too shy to buy a tripod and have people stare. Because I just know people will stare. I'll see what I can do to resolve this little issue though... so maybe some ootd soon?

I can't believe I've said so much. I sure do have a good list here. Hope whoever stumbles upon this links up too!

Have a great Weekend!"> border="0" src="" width="250">

Thursday, January 24, 2013

On My Mind

Oh how I have not kept up with this. I really didn't understand before how I'd see some of my fave bloggers go off on hiatus or come back a week later and apologize to readers on staying out for so long.... Now I understand.

There's a couple of things I want to post. One is a thing I'm thinking of doing weekly to inspire me and get me looking again into news and historical people/literature/etc. I'm going to do a "Quote This" section. I think it can encompass enough things so I have some liberty with it and yet encourage me to go and look for new ideas or philosophies. Maybe even quote some loved ones.

I love the link up ideas bloggers have. Its really one of the reasons I wanted to to do posts. I wanted to be able to go around and do fun linkups I've seen around. It again makes me do something lol So I will be doing a Facts of Life linkup with I Wore Yoga Pants To Work. I think she uploaded this Monday... so by tomorrow that'll mean I'm a full four days behind... So sad.

I also wanted to do a quick talk on Darumas. I didn't learn what they were until a year ago when one friend gave me one and now I've decided that maybe it will be a fun little way to stay on course for my things. Later on that.

Hope you guys are having a serene Thursday and getting ready for FRIDAY! Tomorrow... so much still to do for me today. I have to go to work and then I'll have to come home and workout at like 9pm. Pooey. But  next week I start Bootcamp Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning so I'll be obligated to get up ad workout instead of waiting until I get out of work.

Well I thought this was going to be short but I guess I type pretty fast.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obsessions #3



A cowboy in all of us.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Playing Nice with Blogs

#1 First off here's a sketch from the first prompt on a weekly sketch from Run 2 the Wild. She's a very crafty person, honest and friendly; and has an etsy store as well. No, she did not ask me to write any of that. I think what she's doing here with a weekly sketch prompt is cool to get people's creative juices flowing, get to see others work and hopefully meet new people. 

Conceptual Self-Portrait: Warning Very Amateur 

Now I don't know if there was a medium limit. But seeing how I like pens/markers/pastels I used colored pens and markers for my sketch. I gave myself a 10min limit (thus the vacant spaces...) and tried to be conceptual in my portrayal. If you want to check out the other sketches go here.

#2 There is a lil' lady over at Clean Food Creative Fitness who posted last Thursday about never having skinny legs. Now someone who has known me for a long time might remind me of how very skinny I once was but ever since I became an athlete I'd never again had skinny legs. I'm talking high school and beyond. I related much with her about expanding thighs with continuing athleticism and  hating my comparatively massive thighs- mostly in relation to my 5'2" frame. Today I'm an athlete wannabe (as in I want to be athletic again) and I'm on my way! Almost there. So in response to her posing her thighs here are mine. Shield your eyes if you've never seen inner thighs touching! ^_^

That is the almighty Loki. He bows to me only.

  #3 Going on a bit about body is this amazing post from The Militant Baker. It's a little bit about diet, a little bit about health, and a whole lot about loving you. Now per honest, outspoken, and clear view of oneself this girl takes the prize. There have been many posts that have inspired me to be better to myself. So if you want to be a little uncomfortable and a lot intrigued head on over to her blog

Monday, January 14, 2013

Obsessions #2

I feel so bad yet so satisfied. One of the main reasons I wanted to create this little space was to make goals, remind myself of them, track experiences and loves, have a place that maps out things involved in my life.

Lately that has been some major HULU indulgence. Being out of school and the weather only getting colder I have been helpless to snuggle into a couch or chair and watch some entertaining things.

One of those main indulgences would be HULU and their selections of TV shows. 

so, yes...

It's mushy
It has dragons, and magic, and true love.
It has action and imagination.
It's based on old tales and filled with twists.
                           Its perfect for a child like me ^_^

I love the character of Rumplestiltskin. He is so twisted and yet likable. I really hope he isn't doomed.

Some new characters this season so far are very interesting.
My favorite:



So, so far so good on making a permanent indent of my butt on the seating around the house. I'll get on my fitness goals tonight... or maybe tomorrow. It's too good to stop yet.

I'm always on the lookout for some good stuff to watch. This "girly" stuff isn't the only thing I watch. Just what has me glued to my seat right now. 

So any suggestions for HULU?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Obsessions #1

It's Friday (yey!) and amid my head pounding and the list of things needing to be done this weekend I am quite overwhelmed.
So let's just take a look at pretty and wonderful things around the net for my sake.

Scathingly Brilliant
This blog I found this week and am completely loving. I can't wait to see all her collections. Her latest post was about her collection of brooches.

In turn I was led to find these lovelies:
Zodiac Constellation Wooden Brooches "Oh My Stars"
Shade of a Bonsai

A few more Etsy lovelies:
1920s necklace / Flapper Necklace / Pink Glass Beaded Necklace
Friendly Fox Vintage
Matching Pair of Vintage Aladdin "Pump-a-Drink", Thermos
Mystic Lily
Modern Mint- Paper Straws- Set of 12
Le Box Boutique

New tunes to Whistle:

First Aid Kit

Jesse Y Joy