Monday, January 14, 2013

Obsessions #2

I feel so bad yet so satisfied. One of the main reasons I wanted to create this little space was to make goals, remind myself of them, track experiences and loves, have a place that maps out things involved in my life.

Lately that has been some major HULU indulgence. Being out of school and the weather only getting colder I have been helpless to snuggle into a couch or chair and watch some entertaining things.

One of those main indulgences would be HULU and their selections of TV shows. 

so, yes...

It's mushy
It has dragons, and magic, and true love.
It has action and imagination.
It's based on old tales and filled with twists.
                           Its perfect for a child like me ^_^

I love the character of Rumplestiltskin. He is so twisted and yet likable. I really hope he isn't doomed.

Some new characters this season so far are very interesting.
My favorite:



So, so far so good on making a permanent indent of my butt on the seating around the house. I'll get on my fitness goals tonight... or maybe tomorrow. It's too good to stop yet.

I'm always on the lookout for some good stuff to watch. This "girly" stuff isn't the only thing I watch. Just what has me glued to my seat right now. 

So any suggestions for HULU?


  1. Oooh I might have to watch this show next! I'm currently obsessed with Pretty Little Liars on netflix- not sure if it's on Hulu...

  2. I'm obsessed with Once Upon A Time and Revenge! 666 Park Avenue is good too but it's being cancelled :(

    1. park avenue? that sounds familiar. Is that on Hulu too?