Saturday, January 26, 2013

Facts of Z

Facts of Z

Music fiend: Love music. Wish I played instruments. It seems too daunting to learn now but in lieu of my "Do it" resolution I'll at least hop on youtube and go along with tutorials/ instrumentals of songs while stealing equipment from the manchild.
Also, you will find almost any and every type of music on my phone. I understand there are people who say they listen to anything and then come up with many exceptions, but I'm serious. 
Exhibit A-Z:
  • Andrea Bocelli, Bartolli, Hayley Westenra
  • Bon Jovi, Eagles, ACDC
  • Dragonforce, Senses Fail, Within Temptations
  • First Aid Kit, Fleetwood Mac, Florence & the Machine
  • Linkin Park, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin
  • Richie Valen, Chuck Berry, B.B. King
  • Rodney & Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert (Btw I'll marry her. Sorry Blake)
  • Yiruma, Escala, Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Zaho, Nyusha, Couer de Pirate
Obviously I've gone on too long and there's way more... see, music fiend.

I'm a NERD. This one needs an outline for all the different associations I have with this word and myself. (Who outlines this stuff? Geeze Z!)
1        2                                  3                                                 4                                               5                                            6 
I. Gamer
A. Love games. Favorites are console and phone.
1. RPGs are my top plays- could keep me going for a few hours.
2. I'm still in love with God of War.
B. Ever since the manchild bought an Xbox with me last year I've learned the addictive ways of
achievments.... I will get them... no matter how many times I have to try or how much I have to
cry for help! lol
C. Challenge me on Free Flow or Diamond Blast. I dare you ^_^
II. Book Worm 
A. Thrillers/Criminal
1. Alex Cross, Anne Rule, Stephen King
2. If you have any of these books, note, I accept donations =)
B. Favorites usually are historical or classics with a tendency toward gothic novels.
1. Wuthering Heights- my copy is almost broken and its cover is indistinguishable!
2. Anna Karenina- you don't know how excited I am about the movie. Still need to see it...
3. Frankenstein- So deep. Such horror from misfortune and misunderstanding.
4. Child Thief by Brom- Amazing dark retelling of the Peter Pan story! Love children's
dark tales.
5. Currently reading Earth's Children series by Jean M Auel. It's so good! On the second
book. Again donations?
C. I'll read anything. For knowledge or pleasure. Though knowledge is pleasure! Right? Ahhh the
cheese... Yet to read:
1. The Autobiography of Malcolm X 2. Emma
3. The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Henry Ketcham 4. Re-read P&P
5. Next Earth Series book

Via, 2 Via

III. Media
A. Anime. Love it. It'll be wonderful forever. So are cartoons. You can't make me grow up. Period.
B. Photography/Writing
1. I follow way too many blogs. Still let me know whats' good!
2. I love photos! Taking them. Imagining them. Seeing them. Having prints. Decidedly I'll
never be a photographer in any sense but who cares I'm taking photos.

I wanna be:

An athlete. I used to run for XC and track. Loved it. Best years ever. Then I got injured (achilles), declined in progress and had to stop. I've been trying to work myself up again . Thus the wanna be aspect of my athleticsm. Also, love sports or any outdoor activity. Doesn't mean I'm good at any, but again, who cares I'm doing it if I can.

Fashionista. Don't exactly like some connotations of this word but I love style, fashion, clothes, shoes, accesories, dressing up (or down)! I'd love to takes pictures to store and share (selfies or not) but I have no lovely reassuring photographer and I'm too shy to buy a tripod and have people stare. Because I just know people will stare. I'll see what I can do to resolve this little issue though... so maybe some ootd soon?

I can't believe I've said so much. I sure do have a good list here. Hope whoever stumbles upon this links up too!

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