Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weekly Wears #6

Find the Light
Finally did it right!

So I didn't have much time or thought for 
dressing up or photos last week. 
When life sets off an alarm everything else takes a backseat.
Here are two outfits so far from my Birthday week though!

I just love these boots

I am surprised jean jackets are back so strongly.
I always loved mine dressed down.
And neon and beige?
Absolute love!

Lets survive Wednesday.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tuesday DIY #2

There are little words for loss.
For this Tuesday the DIY is to
just make yourself good company-
to love and remind you 
of what one should live for.

Needed: The things you care about.

Instructions: Remember, enjoy, and cherish.

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekly Wears #5

Yup it's that coat again

Throwback to the eighties?
I really haven't been too inspired.
And I have been quite tired.

A pretty girly scarf

So I have been wearing gloomy little things. These tights and dark dress describe the last week...
The only thing with punch has been the accessories.

Hope you feel more inspired than myself!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday DIY #1

DIY Shirts 
With Kids
The above photo was kind of the inspiration for this little DIY to settle down the monsters that were wreaking havoc.

What's Needed: 
Fabric Paint
Pencil/chalk/fabric pen
Cup with water
Recyclable plate
Pattern(s) of image(s) desired
(We used a pattern given from the 
inspiration site in the image above)

Gather all your materials.
I used soft fabric paint by the way.

Find images or patterns you would like.
Make sure to insert the piece of cardboard inside of your
shirt/sweater so the paint does not bleed through.

Once you have decided on an image, cut your image and trace
with pencil or chalk lightly- I used a colored fabric pen.
You may also choose to freehand your image.

Let the kids do their own tracing or freehand. 
It gets their creative juices flowing and makes them
all the more proud of their final product.

Once your outline is done its tie to begin painting!

And the final products....



Because we all love doing crafts! Kids can't take all the fun ^_^

Hope you have a good rest of the day!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weekly Wears #4

Love the coat
Too bad spring is warming everything

But also a good thing...

I think I will wear this sweater until it dies.
Should have gotten a shot of the polka dot belt

Enjoy the middle of the week!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friday Love #1

Haiku Poems
St. Patrick
Patrick of England
Preserving Erin's blood line
Drove out the serpents
Bought and watched this movie two times already.
Love it.
Love the concept of games and the story.
"Look at that high definition"
And I love Felix.
And still in search for the perfect budgeted red Mary Janes.
A style like the ones this and this would be amazing...
Maybe just not as high.

I work tomorrow so I have a six day work week.
But I'm sure the event will be fun!
So have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekly Wears #3

Pixar Themed DIY Sweater

vintage coat, diy sweater
knitwear and ladywear

All about the hair 
silver, lots of it
New collared shirt

Have a good middle of the week day!