Friday, March 1, 2013

The Love Yourself Challenge

March, the month of my birth, I think is a good time to learn to love myself more.
Love myself and love the things in my life I might not notice.
So I think it’s the perfect time for another challenge:
Begins Now ^_^
On another note I finally jumped into Instagram! It is quite wonderful.
Makes me feel like a photographer, and since I am poor and don’t have Photoshop or anything close to it…
(Hello paint, my friend since middle school…) it’s also great to give a little something with the filters ^_^
I think I’ll see if I can document the things I loved today on it and share it in compilations here later.
Many things planned for loving myself this month. Many more things to plan! Let’s go March babies!


  1. yay march babies! Whens your birthday? mine's the 24th :) I always approach this month as a new beginning to re-evaluating myself.

  2. Oh that is wonderful! I'm a 28th baby. I'm so scared that I already haven't gotten as many posts as I'd want out. Busy already! But this year I was really thinking about having new beginnings like you say and just go and do things I want ^_^!