Saturday, March 2, 2013

21 Smoothies

My variety of Hale to Kale with a little mag reading

I though to myself in what ways could I physically
attempt to show some love for myself.

Then I received an email from Men's Health
claiming to have found 20-something smoothies
that not only have good for you ingredients,
but are also quite tasty.

Or so was the claim.

I've read around many juice cleanses and smoothie lore
so I understand risks and benefits from attempting either.
But I don't think I will ever have the will to do a juice cleanse
(or any "cleanse" really)
due to the mere fact that I need to eat.

So me and a couple of co-workers decided it would be fun
(and hopefully beneficial to our health)
to put these smoothies to the taste test.

This will be 21 smoothies in place of my breakfast 
or just as an add on for the day
everyday for 21 days.

In good challenge style I will try and incorporate 
all ingredients included in each recipe.
But since I'm pretty broke some things might be outed if
they aren't used in more than one recipe.
And if I can't find them.

Up for today is Hale to Kale.
Serves 1-2
½ pear
¼ avocado
½ cucumber
½ lemon
handful of cilantro
1 cup kale (packed)
½ inch ginger
½ cup coconut water
1 scoop protein powder
pure water
more information and article here
I actually didn't like this one. 
Sorry Kale, first impression was not so good. =(


  1. I must try this !! Looks delicious..... :D

  2. I must try this !! Looks delicious..... :D

    1. This one was a little hard for me. But if u like fresh sensations then it's a go!

  3. I juiced kale with some fruit when I went on a three day cleanse and my poor Mr. and I gagged so bad, I've never had it in the house again. I love smoothies and actually want to start making more but I agree, kale doesn't really make a good first impression :-). The avocado and pear together sound delicious though!

    1. Yes kale can be a little tough! But since this a taste test for all these smoothies I head to try it! =)

  4. While reading through the ingredients, I wasn't sure how the kale would turn out, and I'm glad to hear you say it was gross - haha. I only like kale baked into kale chips, other than that they have a weird taste to them.

    1. Yeah I had to try it out just because I never really eat kale (yea its good for you but I can only do so much ha!). So I wasn't surprised when it came out less than delicious. ^_^