Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly Wears #2

Peach Days

Thursday I wore a long lost warm maxi skirt.
And tried a little lady midriff shirt.
I don't know how I feel about it...

I had so much fun at a local college track meet. 
I was supposed to volunteer but they had too many...
But I love this new sweater. I'm not too much of a striped
shirt girl (polka dots is my thing)
but this one is so soft and bright I just had to get it.
(Gosh I love the sun picking up my hair's red hues.
Yes, I do want to be a redhead.)

I didn't get a picture of this on me. I think its because
I really don't think mod dresses like this one fit
me quite right. I feel kind of fat in them really.

And the reason for the Peach Days is this outfit. 
I think I also caught the "Is it spring yet?" bug.
I can't wait for warmer weather and even more color everywhere.

I actually notice I rarely wear any of my jewelry. 
I don't have much but I think I should try and wear it more
I really love this necklace. Just a little burst of color that
went too well with this outfit.

Let's get over this mid-week hump day!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Obssessions #4

Sequined Sweaters




You are to blame for most Markus Lupfer.


And that awesome burger!

Monday Rant #2

Trying to be healthy is hard. 
Mostly when your over saturated with information and conflicting ideas.
It can also be quite easy if you know where to look.

Let's face it, I survive off of leftovers mostly and I don't do any real cooking. 
I love the following bloggers for their easy
and yummy looking healthy food,
but also for their ability to get up and COOK.

I may stick to eating leftovers while I still don't have my own place, 
but I know that once I'm out again I will 
just HAVE to make some of these girl's goodies.

Whomever stumbles upon this I guarantee their tummies 
will be glad they did.


Okay so maybe these recipes aren't exactly on the uber healthy label,
 but better than anything you can get sold- 
Especially if you like sweet stuff like their Cinnamon Dolce or Lavender ice cream recipes. 
Try their Lavender and Honey marshmallows or White Chocolate and Nutella truffles. 
(Eeek! Nutella!)

These girls have so much more going on than food too. So go check them out here.


This girly, Sam, has many things going on her blog
She keeps things interesting and I love all the helpful reviews she has for natural products. 

She also does updates on good food her and her family have been eating. 
You can check out her latest post on this here.

I love the food she posts. 
They all look delicious and are definitely good and healthy.

Can you believe she made these homemade tortillas below?
(photo via link above)


The wonderful Stephanie over at Never the Same Spice Twice always
has something good cooking.

With her What's Cooking weekly line ups of food and her spotlight
recipes you can never have an excuse to not be prepared for dinner.

The Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps recipe seen above look sooo tasty
it might just get me to do some real cooking.


The lovely Ashlee from AbPetite can be called nothing less than
an adorably healthy cook.

Yes, you read correctly. 
Her recipes, like the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins above, are not
only delicious and healthy but they are also no scientific experiment.

All her recipes are so easy to follow and she always posts the
nutritional facts. Making her blog a must if you are trying to
keep track of your calorie/protein/carb intake.


I just had to use this photo of Nicole to show what
uber healthy food (with beer apparently?) 
and great workouts can do.

Nicole mostly blogs about healthy food, fun workouts, 
and pretty fashion.

She definitely inspires me to try to be in my best shape.
And having an athletic tendency 
(though I may not be considered athletic)
I really enjoy her varied workouts.

I love her smoothies, partly because they are so easy.
What's easier than a smoothie?
Go check her out too, here.

Hope you enjoy the food!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thought Thursdays


The Little Things

So I was cleaning the bathroom last night at ten
like any sane person would,
when I looked at my freshly filled soap dispenser
and was suddenly overwhelmed by the gorgeous
color swirl from the new soap I had decided
to purchase this time and the old soap.
Sure one was white the other peach,
so the contrast wasn't so decisive.

But what I thought about was how happy I felt each time 
I implemented a new- often different colored-
soap in with an older soap.
Like a kid watching a magic show.

I looked around and found a couple of other things
that also made me happy every time.

My seashells on display:

And my newly-perfectly placed purse:

So I urge everyone on this Valentines Day dedicated to love. 
To love all the little things 
as well the big ones.
They can both make you very happy. 

Weekly Wears #1

8 Piece Trip
Travel & Day Roaming
Movies & Shopping
(Note: Take pictures before eating nachos)
Dinner & Table Gambling
Machine Gambling & Trip

For a 5 Year Anniversary on Feb 14th I decided to book a hotel at a Casino for my gambling brown man.
So I was in a conundrum on what to wear. 
The brown man doesn't get fashion.
He's the jeans and a black t-shirt kind of guy who doesn't want to stand out.
And (to my everlasting woe) doesn't want me to stand out too much either.

Another conundrum, I was going to buy one of the suggestions the Closet Fashionista, but an unexpected payment came. So I ended up having to remix some things in my closet.
Thankfully I hadn't worn some things yet.

This is my remix with eight pieces of clothing for two days ^_^

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Rant#1

Can I talk about fat?
I feel like it's one of those things.
Elephant in the room.
Underrated item.
Over sensitive subject.

When you are neither on the skinny team
nor on the other end you end up wondering what
means to most people now.

I've had plenty of conversations with my best friend
and arguments with my guy
that ended up like the following:

And me confused whether or not my extra pounds make me fat.
(I mean Mr. BMI likes to say so.)
And because if I were seven inches taller
with the same proportion and size
I would still not be modeling.
Not because of my face (which alone is a career ruin)
but because models are either really thin to be "straight" size
or about size 10& up to be plus size. 

I would be stuck.

After working up my athleticism I am now somewhere between 
a size 8 or 6.
And am nowhere near my old athletic trimness.
I feel solid now, 
my stamina is great,
and I don't really feel the
sluggish, out of shape,
unhealthy feeling anymore.
I am not where I was a few years back.
Because I am no longer 18
and my body is just not the same.
(I can always be anorexic but that takes too much dedication-
-Nobody kill me for that statement I do not support any disposition that includes depriving your body of its needs.)

Depriving my body to be slimmer is probably going to damage me
as much as overeating.
But I do feel a little bit on the sidelines when it comes to
posts I see that are all about body and self love.

Probably my favoritest British blogger Becky Bedbug 
was recently "concerned that some people may think [she's] not 'fat enough' to do this".

I didn't know one had to worry about this.
Would she be ostracized if she was deemed too thin?
Is fat just a look and not a feeling?
Can one not feel fat or skinny?
Per say in those jeans?

I have heard people being called fat for many reasons.
An old friend who did ballet said she was the fat girl 
in her class once. And I was twice her size.

I definitely believe our distorting use of the word fat stems somewhere from the irrational and fantasy based 
sense of beauty.

The rant was for the idea that I might not be able to do the 
same e-course from the Near Sighted Owl that dear Becky worried about.

I signed up.

So lets see if 'fat' can be empowering, inspirational,
and inclusive.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Ideas?

Okay so I need to get this back on track.
The blog was meant to let me put ideas down. 
Somewhere I can look back to
and say, "Hey I got to do that!"

I have been wanting to DO more. 
Get more out of my life.
So far I think it's been good.
I like the idea of doing challenges once in a while.

But one of the things I really wanted to do 
was post DIY's I saw around the net
and try and do them.

Document outings so that I make myself 
step out that door more.

And just post little things that I love.

So I think to get me to do more of this 
I should start weekly or monthly postings.
I just need to figure out I want it to be.

I love the Stuff I Luff posts from Lazy Explorers.
She chooses so many cute things to post on these.

A Beautiful Mess' monthly wishlists are also wonderful.
Their At Home series is also so nice to look through!
I am probably more inclined to these since I am currently not at a place of my own and itching for spaces like these.

Also a fave Polish and Sugar's outfits of the week.
I think this might be easier to do than a daily outfit post.
Her Single Girls Cook feature is also inspiring.

So my conundrum after a wonderful couple of days
 relaxing at Reno?
An idea for a continuous feature on here... 

I guess I'll get started on that.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pink or Die

Usually not too into Valentines Day celebrations.
This year though, I'm going Pink.

I know it falls on a work day for most of us.
 I even work late shift on Thursday so I'm getting my pink fix early.

Work appropriate and Vday appropriate?
Check and check with these two (plus accessorize to the cutest!):

More Casual

More Dressy

All About Accesories

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lazy Girl's Guide to Valentine


I can be a lazy/last minute kind of girl. 
Somehow especially for important events.
So here's something to prepare for quick Vday plans, 
like if per say, 
you get a surprise outing ^_^

1. Mints
Can't go wrong with them.
2. Clear nail polish
Quick fixes- think of it as glue.
3. Lip balm
Because its still cold outside.
4. Credit/debit card
For all those who are straight girls, it's nice to take the bill.
For all others I hope you still try and be the chivalrous one.
5-infinity. Comfy shoes 
Need I say more?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Brunch Day

Warm Showers.
Warm beds.
Slow morning meal.

Sundays are the epitome for Brunch.
That wonderful, slow eating meal you have when you are too cozy and lazy to get out of bed before ten.

I love days like these when you just slow down.
And I really like brunch.

Since I am a leftover eater and usually end up eating leftovers almost ALL the time here is another leftover plate.

Yes there might be chocolate milk with every meal I post... don't judge me.

You call it quesadilla, I say cincronisada.
It's usually like a sandwich- only transferred into a tortilla.

-Protein/ Seriously, go into your leftovers and grab all meats, fish
                 works as well but it won't have the same taste.
-Veggies/ Again, peruse leftovers and slice.
-Cheese/ You need this. I would recommend queso fresco.
-Onions/ Needed. No arguments.
-Butter/ You may substitute this but I find butter gives it a better taste.


Fresh strawberries                                         Very literally put in a bowl
Baby spinach                                                  or container with lid and
Sliced avocado                                               toss together. ^_^

1. Caramelize onions in a tiny bit of butter.

2. Add protein. Cook all the way through.
3. Set aside cooked onions and protein in a plate.
4. Add a little butter in the pan if dry.
5. Take one flour tortilla (your choice of whole grain, classic, etc) place it on top of the butter and lightly turn with fingertips in the pan to cover the whole tortilla with the butter.
6. Add choice of cheese while still on pan.
7. (Optional) Grill or fry veggies.
8. Incorporate all ingredients together in tortilla.

Et voila! More easy, lazy, leftover food.

And can I say how good my "salads" seem to be to me?
I hate dressings or too many toppings on salads.
So I think my salads are pretty healthy.
Maybe the most healthy stuff I eat.
They do LOOK delicious!