Friday, February 1, 2013

Simple: Shopping Tips

Some (sort of) Obvious Shopping Tips

So the other day I decided to stop by my JCP and found that it was inundated with sales.
I am serious. If you don't believe see here.
I did end up getting a couple of things.
But mostly it was fun to try on things and to realize why I used to be so bad at picking my own clothes.
(And thus maybe why my mother decided I couldn't do this without her at 18...)

So here are some simple- mostly obvious- things you should be aware of while shopping:

1. Grab everything that attracts your attention (and is in your budget if you have one). 
Why? You might ask. Because you never know what will be good until you have it on.

2. Sort out your things. It will be easier to change.
Put dresses in one pile, bottoms in another, etc. This way you will be able to quickly change out of one item into the next instead of doing the pants-to-dress-to-shirt-and-now-no-pants-dance.

3. Grab more than one color of the same.
For those who are stuck with the same colors, 
this is a great way to give yourself that opportunity to try some new colors. 
AND you'll still have the other one to compare to. 
If it's a basic like the shirt below then maybe you can even take the chance and buy one of each.
(Especially if it costs $4 each.)

4. When buying pants triple check the fit!
Make sure the front, sides, and back fit in a way in which it is skimming your waist.
If it is low rise make sure it doesn't create a muffin top. 
Go a size up or down as needed but DO NOT try to fit into something that is not your size!
This will create the appearance of heavier and flabby thighs if going too tight
or non-existing butt and body if you're going too baggy. 

5. So important it must be repeated:
Let yourself try on new styles.

You might fall in love:
(I didn't actually get this dress because of budget... but should I go back for it?)

Have a great Friday! Enjoy shopping this weekend!
And for those who will be watching SUPER BOWL. Eat well, my friends ^_^


  1. Great post !!!

  2. definitely go back for the pink dress - it's adorable!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. LOVE the black/white dress on you, it fits perfectly. And the last dress... YES! It's beautiful and it suits your shape so well. Plus you can wear it now with a turtleneck, tights and boots, and later with sandals :)

    1. I really need a turtleneck now then ^_^
      I do love this dress. Saturday is here so I think maybe I will go today. Thanks!