Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekly Wears #1

8 Piece Trip
Travel & Day Roaming
Movies & Shopping
(Note: Take pictures before eating nachos)
Dinner & Table Gambling
Machine Gambling & Trip

For a 5 Year Anniversary on Feb 14th I decided to book a hotel at a Casino for my gambling brown man.
So I was in a conundrum on what to wear. 
The brown man doesn't get fashion.
He's the jeans and a black t-shirt kind of guy who doesn't want to stand out.
And (to my everlasting woe) doesn't want me to stand out too much either.

Another conundrum, I was going to buy one of the suggestions the Closet Fashionista, but an unexpected payment came. So I ended up having to remix some things in my closet.
Thankfully I hadn't worn some things yet.

This is my remix with eight pieces of clothing for two days ^_^

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