Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly Wears #2

Peach Days

Thursday I wore a long lost warm maxi skirt.
And tried a little lady midriff shirt.
I don't know how I feel about it...

I had so much fun at a local college track meet. 
I was supposed to volunteer but they had too many...
But I love this new sweater. I'm not too much of a striped
shirt girl (polka dots is my thing)
but this one is so soft and bright I just had to get it.
(Gosh I love the sun picking up my hair's red hues.
Yes, I do want to be a redhead.)

I didn't get a picture of this on me. I think its because
I really don't think mod dresses like this one fit
me quite right. I feel kind of fat in them really.

And the reason for the Peach Days is this outfit. 
I think I also caught the "Is it spring yet?" bug.
I can't wait for warmer weather and even more color everywhere.

I actually notice I rarely wear any of my jewelry. 
I don't have much but I think I should try and wear it more
I really love this necklace. Just a little burst of color that
went too well with this outfit.

Let's get over this mid-week hump day!