Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Ideas?

Okay so I need to get this back on track.
The blog was meant to let me put ideas down. 
Somewhere I can look back to
and say, "Hey I got to do that!"

I have been wanting to DO more. 
Get more out of my life.
So far I think it's been good.
I like the idea of doing challenges once in a while.

But one of the things I really wanted to do 
was post DIY's I saw around the net
and try and do them.

Document outings so that I make myself 
step out that door more.

And just post little things that I love.

So I think to get me to do more of this 
I should start weekly or monthly postings.
I just need to figure out I want it to be.

I love the Stuff I Luff posts from Lazy Explorers.
She chooses so many cute things to post on these.

A Beautiful Mess' monthly wishlists are also wonderful.
Their At Home series is also so nice to look through!
I am probably more inclined to these since I am currently not at a place of my own and itching for spaces like these.

Also a fave Polish and Sugar's outfits of the week.
I think this might be easier to do than a daily outfit post.
Her Single Girls Cook feature is also inspiring.

So my conundrum after a wonderful couple of days
 relaxing at Reno?
An idea for a continuous feature on here... 

I guess I'll get started on that.



  1. Hey there! Thanks for all the comments and responses to my latest posts. The socks you asked about are from Target. I think they are still available and in quite a few colors. And about my arsenal of boots- it does exist. I'm obsessed because they are the only way I get through winter!

    Triple Thread

    1. Hey! I love your blog. I've been trying to catch up so I read all your posts in one sitting. Thanks for stopping by.

      I love your arsenal of boots so keep purchasing for my viewing pleasure ^_^