Thursday, February 7, 2013

Neutral Essentials

Neutral Essential Finds

While trying to find something for an actual weekend vacation for our anniversary this Valentine, I found- as one always seems to when out looking for something- some wonderful items I was in need of.
They were gorgeous and the price was more than fine. So I couldn't resist myself.

First off are these wonderful neutral- almost white!- sandals. I don't have many heeled sandals and definitely none this elegant. Yet they are so versatile they can be worn with anything. Or at least they went with everything I was trying on in the store. 
Did I really need these?
I'd have to insist I did. All of my heeled sandals are way too tight on me or not my style. 
You know its a good buy when you are already dreaming about all the things you will wear with them.
This is definitely and investment item I will be using A LOT.

The second is this white, neutral, simple purse. I was looking for a black simple purse to replace my dying everyday purse. I couldn't find any simple black purses though, and since my purse was on its last days I gave up on that.
I do own other purses but since I really don't switch purses much and the different ones I own are really more special occasions or specific-event oriented, I really needed an everyday simple option.
Before this bag I would have never considered a white/bone purse as a go to neutral.
But I have to say this purse really drew me in.

So tell me what do you think?
Are these good go to neutrals?

Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. I love the snake purse and the shoes and I think getting some fresh whites is an excellent idea.
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Thanks! Love your style so if you say its good I am even more enamored with them ^_^