Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Rant #2

Trying to be healthy is hard. 
Mostly when your over saturated with information and conflicting ideas.
It can also be quite easy if you know where to look.

Let's face it, I survive off of leftovers mostly and I don't do any real cooking. 
I love the following bloggers for their easy
and yummy looking healthy food,
but also for their ability to get up and COOK.

I may stick to eating leftovers while I still don't have my own place, 
but I know that once I'm out again I will 
just HAVE to make some of these girl's goodies.

Whomever stumbles upon this I guarantee their tummies 
will be glad they did.


Okay so maybe these recipes aren't exactly on the uber healthy label,
 but better than anything you can get sold- 
Especially if you like sweet stuff like their Cinnamon Dolce or Lavender ice cream recipes. 
Try their Lavender and Honey marshmallows or White Chocolate and Nutella truffles. 
(Eeek! Nutella!)

These girls have so much more going on than food too. So go check them out here.


This girly, Sam, has many things going on her blog
She keeps things interesting and I love all the helpful reviews she has for natural products. 

She also does updates on good food her and her family have been eating. 
You can check out her latest post on this here.

I love the food she posts. 
They all look delicious and are definitely good and healthy.

Can you believe she made these homemade tortillas below?
(photo via link above)


The wonderful Stephanie over at Never the Same Spice Twice always
has something good cooking.

With her What's Cooking weekly line ups of food and her spotlight
recipes you can never have an excuse to not be prepared for dinner.

The Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps recipe seen above look sooo tasty
it might just get me to do some real cooking.


The lovely Ashlee from AbPetite can be called nothing less than
an adorably healthy cook.

Yes, you read correctly. 
Her recipes, like the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins above, are not
only delicious and healthy but they are also no scientific experiment.

All her recipes are so easy to follow and she always posts the
nutritional facts. Making her blog a must if you are trying to
keep track of your calorie/protein/carb intake.


I just had to use this photo of Nicole to show what
uber healthy food (with beer apparently?) 
and great workouts can do.

Nicole mostly blogs about healthy food, fun workouts, 
and pretty fashion.

She definitely inspires me to try to be in my best shape.
And having an athletic tendency 
(though I may not be considered athletic)
I really enjoy her varied workouts.

I love her smoothies, partly because they are so easy.
What's easier than a smoothie?
Go check her out too, here.

Hope you enjoy the food!

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