Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The First One

It has been two years. 
I have wanted to do so much in the last two years that I never had the bravery, will, or motivation to do. 
 I can't be sure, there's probably many reasons. But Today I decided be gone with all of that; to just begin. Mostly so I can remind myself to live a bit more like I would like to. 
Its a day for resolutions isn't it? 
So I say hello world! Here you will most likely find the meanderings and pensive moments of a person craving a little more.
It might sometimes be exciting, intriguing, and quirky.
Maybe it will all be mundane, repetitive, or plain incomprehensible.
But here it goes World. Help me do more.
Be More.
I think that's a good resolution.
Should be easy ^_^

Yours & Hoping, 


  1. Hola Zuley!! Enhorabuena por ese primer post... que vengan muuuchos más!
    En cuanto al look del abrigo XL creo que te estaría bien :D tu prueba ! Lo importante es que te sientas a gusto :)

    1. Muchas gracias Aminta! Verdad que lo voy a probar por esas rasones tan buenas.