Saturday, January 19, 2013

Playing Nice with Blogs

#1 First off here's a sketch from the first prompt on a weekly sketch from Run 2 the Wild. She's a very crafty person, honest and friendly; and has an etsy store as well. No, she did not ask me to write any of that. I think what she's doing here with a weekly sketch prompt is cool to get people's creative juices flowing, get to see others work and hopefully meet new people. 

Conceptual Self-Portrait: Warning Very Amateur 

Now I don't know if there was a medium limit. But seeing how I like pens/markers/pastels I used colored pens and markers for my sketch. I gave myself a 10min limit (thus the vacant spaces...) and tried to be conceptual in my portrayal. If you want to check out the other sketches go here.

#2 There is a lil' lady over at Clean Food Creative Fitness who posted last Thursday about never having skinny legs. Now someone who has known me for a long time might remind me of how very skinny I once was but ever since I became an athlete I'd never again had skinny legs. I'm talking high school and beyond. I related much with her about expanding thighs with continuing athleticism and  hating my comparatively massive thighs- mostly in relation to my 5'2" frame. Today I'm an athlete wannabe (as in I want to be athletic again) and I'm on my way! Almost there. So in response to her posing her thighs here are mine. Shield your eyes if you've never seen inner thighs touching! ^_^

That is the almighty Loki. He bows to me only.

  #3 Going on a bit about body is this amazing post from The Militant Baker. It's a little bit about diet, a little bit about health, and a whole lot about loving you. Now per honest, outspoken, and clear view of oneself this girl takes the prize. There have been many posts that have inspired me to be better to myself. So if you want to be a little uncomfortable and a lot intrigued head on over to her blog


  1. That is the greatest summary of all time. Thanks my love <3

    1. Omg! I love your posts! I'm being a little fan girl sorry! *squeal*