Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Teach Me To Camera

Love that cameras now can do so much for you.

I am not a photographer.

Not in any sense of the word. It's hard to see myself taking photos of people because, well, I don't know many who like to be photographed (I don't exactly like it). For the past few years I have not really been involved in anything that would be noteworthy either. At least not to share with World. Yet, here I am (above, yes me), messing with my new camera and trying to be a little brave in front of it.
Like adjusting your shadows for you.

Then, mostly failing. 
Oh, yes. 
But this is one of the things I told myself I was going to face head on. I would love to show a little of  how I am everyday-- as well as who I am. Confused? Yes, I did warn there would be a few if not many incomprehensible moments here. 
Again, Hello World. 
Nice to meet you. 
I hope I can share my life in photos. Silly, posed, natural, intricate.

 Yours & Baffled,

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