Thursday, January 3, 2013

Leftover Roast Beef Sandwich

I have never been a big cook.
It's not that I wouldn't like to it's just that I've never really had a kitchen to call my own. Or feel comfortable in. The other reasons being I don't know how to make much, heat is not my thing (you should feel my shower water- it's pretty cold), and I really need to learn to shop for groceries better. Also lets face it it's easier to buy prepared food.
(Especially, the fast cheaper stuff--- lets not lie to ourselves.)

So one thing on my list this year is to cut down on the whole eating out idea. Why do I keep eating that stuff? Oh yeah, the boy-man. 
I know you do it because you love me and you love food. 
But stop it. Please?
If at least for my sanity in feeling somewhat healthy.

So here is a pretty healthy way I used the leftover roast beef from New Years.


1/2 an avocado (medium size)
1/2 C roast beef (or whatever leftover meat you may have)
2T of queso fresco (here, here, here)
1 C of baby spinach
Mayo and Mustard to taste

Yours & Hungry, 

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