Monday, April 22, 2013

Tuesday DIY #4

Home Made Stamp
for cheap

Finishing Touches to 
DIY Chalkboard

Foam Sheet
X-acto knife
Some sort of wood backing 
(I went with my LOVE heart. I have used the tiny wooden letters before)
Letters for guidance

1. Make sure whatever you will glue your foam stamp to is completely clean. Unlike my little barcode heart here.

2.If needed, trace or measure the space for your foam stamp.

3. Now draw your stamp.

4. Cut it all out! You may want to trace it all out if you had a shape--- be smarter than me!

5. Now glue it all down.

6. If you used a clear dry glue, or traced the whole thing out then just let dry and you are done!

7. If not... then just let dry and grab like paint!

8. Let dry (again, jeeze am i smart). And NOW you are DONE!

Chalkboard Time!

I love finding things that make everything easy-
like the frame stand below that needs no gluing 
or any real DYI-ing.

But lets me put on the magnets 
that came with the dollar whiteboard.

Oh the lovelies of the day!

(This is my luv-o's birthday week ^_^)


  1. very clever idea - but isn't your stamp backwards?
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Really nice:) if you want go to my blog:)

  3. Clever! I have all those materials for a stamp in my craft drawer but never thought to make one out of them. So cute! Looks like I will have to get busy :-)

    1. Please make one! You are so goood. I was thinking of doing the cute critters I like!

  4. You are so creative and clever! I never thought about making a stamp that way, I love how simple it is!

    1. Annnnnd how very personal it can be. It's uber cheap to get a wooden backing and some foam sheets. It's really easy too. Next time I'll maybe have something to trace for something more intricate!

  5. Cute stamp! I've carved stamps out of block but it's so time consuming. I love the idea of using the foam! Thanks for the tip :)

    1. You must be talented if you did them out of block!