Friday, April 26, 2013

Better in 3's

For the Love
On his very special Day.

Yeah, that guy...

Everything is better in 3's for me.
You're three saving traits?


You truly can make my day.
You can be silly with me.
You love my sillies (that's a word!)
And you try to make me smile.
All part of your silly-loving side.


No matter how broken you are
(Spy the cane there... many uses it has seen)
you try hard to work,
to get through the day,
and to still make me feel better.
Even though you are the one downtrodden.


You have been the better half.
No matter my mishaps, missteps,
or plain pitfalls
(more like endless sinkholes)
You have always been there to work with me.
To make me better.
If that's not proof you are an amazing person.
And no one loves me more.
I don't know what is.
(Maybe the fact that you DO put up with my shoe collection :)

It's been eight years since the first time.
My first love.
You came back 'round.

And it has to be for a reason.

I totally did this! It's not my horrible handwriting!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I'm so glad you found someone that can be silly with you and make you happy. That is fantastic!